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Nancy Drew Started It

Everything starts off somewhere. Empty pieces of paper get turned into books. A series of noises could turn into music. Even a bland piece of meat could be a savory dish. Like everything else, my love for reading started off somewhere, and I can tell you this: it was because of a book.

I was always fascinated by books. My parents bought me and my sister a box full of books about a scarecrow called Poldy.

Each book had a story where we could learn about shapes, colors, taste, and more. Because of my love for these books, I’ve asked my mom countless times to read them to me. Through those moments, I learned how to read, by the age of four.

I continued picking up books here and there. I remembered reading a book the Secret Seven series and a fourth grade Tom Sawyer story after growing out of the Poldy books. By the time I was twelve, I was introduced to Nancy Drew Mystery Stories.

My parents planned to get massages so they left me and my sister at Greenwich with a large pizza after they took us to National Bookstore where my sister picked up Vampire Diaries and I chose the 9th book from Nancy Drew Mystery Stories.

I wasn’t really into the book at first but when I finished it, I couldn’t get a scene out of my head. The scene where Nancy and her two friends Bess and George got out of the convertible and were welcome by a strong storm that caused leaves to flutter angrily in circles and trees to dip at precarious angles kept playing in my head. I think that was the time I found good writing.

After that certain book, I “borrowed” my sister’s own copy of a Nancy Drew book. She received the book as a birthday present from our uncle about three years ago but she never read it. I only stared at the cat pictures on it until that day. I actually read and loved it. I didn’t give it back to her.

Two books down, I went into National Bookstore to purchase two new Nancy Drew books every week. I remembered my parents buying me my own shelf to place my books in. I also remembered how I struggled keeping them upright when I had nine yellow books to start with.

Before the year ended, I had filled out the entire top shelf with Nancy Drew books and the shelf below was half full. I continued with my weekly routine of purchasing Nancy Drew books up until I had to pay for them myself.

Three years later, I noticed that the store wasn’t stocking up the shelves like they used to. Two more years further, customer service informed us that they stopped stocking up on Nancy Drew books after the clearance sale last year. I was devastated. I had 9 more books until I completed the collection and I don’t have a chance to complete it unless I pay PHP 702.00 for a single book which originally cost PHP 185.00

I didn’t give up though. I’ve heard about this website that sells second hand items. I gave it a try and stumbled upon this woman who was selling an almost complete collection of Nancy Drew books for a cheaper price. I purchased 5 books from her.

My family took me to different branches and bookstores but I only found two. After a while, I gave up. With only two books left to collect, I decided to accept the fact that I won’t be able to complete it.

On the Christmas of 2015, after we all opened our presents, we decided to clean up and go to bed. As I was picking up my presents, my brother hands me a brown paperback from Power Books. Clueless, I tore open the bag and took out…the last two books for my Nancy Drew collection!

After almost 8 months of giving up, I didn’t expect to receive the last two books I needed for my collection! I was ecstatic. I walked up to my room, bringing all my presents with me and putting them aside to place my two books on their thrones.

By that time I was already expanding my collection to other genres but Nancy Drew still holds a special place in my heart. Starting that collection got me into a spiral of reading and saving and purchasing in between school and family and other equally important things.

Looking back, I think if I didn’t pick out Nancy Drew as the book to read while my parents had massages, I wouldn’t be the reader that I am now.

Your turn! What book/series made you a reader? What was the story behind that book/series?


5 thoughts on “Nancy Drew Started It

  1. Glad to hear your reading Nancy Drew… Did you know that the older original books often have different story lines and characters? I read Nancy Drew as a child in the ’60s and have been collecting back my books again. I’m enjoying it so much that I’ll be writing All About Nancy Drew in April 2018 as my A to Z for the entire month. Hope you’ll stop in. Keep Reading Nancy!

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    1. Have you reread any Nancy Drew books recently? I’d like to reread them because most of the reviews I read in Goodreads aren’t really nice and I’d like to see how my perception on the series has changed..


  2. The series that made me a reader was the Laura Ingalls Wilder books. I started reading them in second grade and I just loved them. I ended up with my aunt’s copies of the later books from when she was little.


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