About Me

To the avid readers, bookworms, bibliophiles, and even those who are just looking for a good story or love making them and sharing them, you have come to the right place.

Welcome to by my bookshelf! Take off your shoes and get comfy as I tell you all about my bookshelf and myself.

If you are reading this chances are:

  • You want to know more about this blog
  • You want to know more about me
  • You LOVE stories

Amidst all the book reviews I write, I also join weekly memes and share stories that may or may not be related to books and reading.

Here is what you can expect from by my bookshelf:

  • Book Reviews every Monday and the rare Thursday when I don’t participate in a meme.
  • Weekly Memes such as Top Ten Tuesday, Top 5 Wednesday, Book Beginnings on Fridays, and Friday 56.
  • Book Hauls on Mondays I decide to share new additions to my bookshelf.
  • Monthly Wrap-up on the last day of every month.

Maybe you’re wondering, why do you think you can criticize books?

I have spent most of my high school career writing for the school newspaper trying to get my write-ups published. I also submitted stories, poems, and essays to my school’s literary folio. After years of trying to get published, I then spent the last two years judging editing other writers’ works and making them look beautiful title and content-wise.

I’ve also been reading books ever since I learned how to read which was, dare I say, fourteen years ago. I’m pretty sure I know a good book when I read one.

So why did you decide to blog about books?

This is the cue for a sad backstory but the worst thing I can say here without lying is that I got into a huge writing slump after constantly seeing stacks of white paper in need of editing for over a month. I also needed to write one news article and my main editorial. I just couldn’t bring myself to do them and decrease my pile of work. And it caused the newspaper and folio to be published late.

Now I decided to read books for inspiration and write about them to refuel my passion for writing.

Hi! My name is Mae Angelica but you can call me Angel.

I am an 18-year-old student all the way from the Philippines (which, basically, every Filipino blogger whose “About” pages I’ve read labelled as sunny). I’m currently in my final year of high school and if I’m not reading books, you might find me editing news articles, taking photos, aimlessly surfing the internet, or listening to music.

I started reading books at the age of 4 when my parents bought a box set of Poldy books. My mom read them to me all the time and eventually, I learned how to read.

I picked up a book or two from time to time between the ages 5 and 10 but my interest was finally piqued when I read my first Nancy Drew book, The Sign of the Twisted Candles. After that book, I’ve been in and out of bookstores to complete my collection.

At age 12, I began expanding my collection by purchasing middle-grade books.

At age 13, I started collecting young adult books.

Now, I have no idea how many books I have purchased since 2011.

Everyone slowly noticed that I was always glued to a book or an ebook while everyone else was socializing. I realized reading took up most of my time. While I don’t always purchase the new releases, I like discovering other books I may have missed two years ago or so.

I believe that constantly reading is better than anxiously anticipating.


  • When I was 9, I already finished writing three novels (sixteen chapters each) which starred our made-up characters from when my sister and I were very young.
  • I started a YouTube channel, Mae Angelica, last summer where I used to upload song covers or vlogs but I stopped around October 2016 (youtube.com/phenomaeniall if you wanna check it out 😉).
  • I learned guitar when I was 14 and loved it. I never stopped playing since.
  • I learned piano when I was 15. I didn’t like it.
  • I am currently into the Netflix show Black Mirror.

So join me in my journey as I talk about the books, share my love for books, and tell you stories that may or may not be related to books.

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Why leave it there when we can start our conversation right here? Tell me what you think or ask me stuff in the comments!

Thank you for reading this far in my About page. That took effort and I appreciate it…and you!

angel 💋


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