Rating System

Aside from the words I write to explain how I feel about the books I review, I will have this little rating system to represent how much I liked the book.


I liked the story and the reading experience a lot. I felt connected with the characters who seemed authentic. I would probably reread the book for enjoyment.

I liked it

The book is still great and I liked the story. Although there were some parts I didn’t like, the good points outweighed them. There is a good chance I’d reread it.

I neither liked it nor hated it

I have mixed thoughts on the book. I may not personally like it but the story was too good to be disliked. On the other hand, I probably liked the story but it wasn’t that good. There is still a chance I’d reread it, most probably to reconsider.

I disliked it

I do not like the story but it wasn’t a painful reading experience overall. I found the story interesting enough to finish the book but I will not reread it.

I hated it

The story wasn’t good and I either forced myself to finish it or I did not finish it at all.

My ratings are entirely subjective. With that said, my reviews might not always be positive but some might be sugarcoated, however they will always be honest.