Review Policy

I’m currently not accepting requests.

I review books I have obtained myself through local bookstores, friends and relatives, or online. Most of the books I review are physical copies either hardbound or paperback. Some I read on Kindle.

I would be honored to receive review requests from publicists and authors alike and I will accept books either in print or ebook. I will also include in my review that the publicist or author provided me that certain copy in exchange of an honest review.

What format do you accept?

I will prioritize print books – hardcover and paperback – over eBooks. However, please note that I live in the Philippines so shipping might take around 4-8 weeks and be costly.

It will be more convenient to have a soft copy emailed to me. I use Kindle to read ebooks. I do not accept PDF files.

What are your genre preferences?

My preferences include:

  • Young adult
  • Contemporary
  • Romance
  • Chick-lit

I also enjoy the occasional middle-grade or adult books. I am also open to genres not mentioned – kindly consult my list below before suggesting something not on my preferences – however, if I don’t get interested within the first chapter, I will not finish the book.

I do not accept books from the following genres:

  • Non-fiction
  • Religion, Spirituality, & New Age
  • Horror
  • Poetry
  • Comics

If you are planning to send me a sequel or any book from a series, I prefer having read the previous books first unless very minimal references from the preceding were made.

What is your schedule?

I typically finish a book (around 300-500 pages) within 2-7 days, however on busy weeks, it might take me 2-6 weeks. I tend to shelf a book if I don’t finish it within 6 weeks at most, but that doesn’t mean I will mark the book as DNF. I will eventually pick it up again some other time.

After reading, I immediately draft a review which will be published at 20:00 Philippine Standard Time on the next free Monday (and Thursday if I do not participate in a meme that week).

For advanced copies, I will publish reviews the Monday before publication unless otherwise requested.

Be reminded that I am a full-time student therefore my time isn’t solely for reading and writing reviews. I schedule reviews to be published every Monday. I also follow the GMT+8 (12 hours ahead of New York) time zone.

How will you write your review?

I will publish a review to every book I finish reading, including those rated with two stars. I will consider publishing one-star reviews upon finishing the review. I am not particularly blunt in my reviews and I justify negative points with positive ones I find in the book. Rest assured that my reviews are completely honest and I try to leave nothing out be it positive or negative.

On the occasion that I don’t finish a book I am sent before the requested date, I will publish the review at a date not later than publication. In the event that I don’t finish a book I am given due to lack of interest, I will still publish a review stating that I did not finish the book.

Can I request a specific date?

I encourage the sender to enclose a requested date for the review to be published as it would help me organize my schedule and prioritize books for reviews. The requested date doesn’t have to be on a Monday.

Please do send me a copy at least 10 weeks before your requested date otherwise, I might not receive it in time to finish reading before the requested date.

Also, please tell me if I can publish my review prior to your requested date or not.

How will I contact you?

Kindly send me an email to bymybookshelfblog(at)gmail(dot)com (no spaces) with the following information:

  • Book Title
  • Book Cover
  • Author
  • Date of Publication
  • Publisher
  • Blurb
  • Genre
  • Author Photo and Information (optional)
  • Requested Date

I will acknowledge emails regarding books for reviews sent to if sent book/s interest me.

Where else do you publish your reviews?

Aside from my blog, by my bookshelf, I will also have my review on Goodreads. Links to my reviews will be shared on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and Pinterest.

I look forward to hearing from you!

angel 💋